Available : May 20th, 2008

packaging of the DVD "Hardtimes killin floor blues"

with Jeffrey Lee Pierce,
Also with Cypress Grove and Nick Cave.

a film by Henri-Jean Debon
(shot, recorded, edited, produced and directed by H-J Debon)
Duration : 43’
Original version english / Subtitles : french, english and spanish.
+ Bonus (13’) :
Deleted scenes

DVD 5 - PAL - all zones
Edited by Choses Vues

The film

« Hardtimes killin’ floor blues »

Henri-Jean Debon is a director of documentaries, short films and music videos, such as the videos of… Noir Désir.
In 1992, HJD films his idol. At that time, Jeffrey Lee Pierce lived in London, in relative obscurity.

For a long time, the existence of these images was only known by a few people. Deeply affected by the death of the singer, Henri-Jean Debon put the footage aside for 15 years before deciding to finally make this film.

"Hardtimes Killin' Floor Blues" is not an interview, and is devoid of eulogy. The film is a raw slice of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s life during that period. The singer of the Gun Club had become – unwittingly – the caricature of what he had always dreamed : a proper bluesman.